The Universal Golf Club is an adjustable golf club made to the highest standards from the highest quality materials.

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Welcome to Universal Golf Clubs home of the high-quality adjustable golf club.

The Universal Club is a golf club with an adjustable head that you can easily lock into 18 different positions including putters, wedges and all the irons. You can have your choice of a fixed steel shaft or you can go for the travel club which has a collapsible steel shaft to fit into your luggage. Both versions are available in left or right handed. These clubs suit golfers at all levels. You can play a whole round of golf with just this one club!

Our clubs are made from high-quality materials and we assemble and quality check each club by hand ourselves to ensure they arrive at your door ready to use immediately.

Whether you are a long-time dedicated golfer or someone who likes to shoot a few holes now and then, the Universal adjustable club is for you. Enjoy playing golf without the heavy equipment. Walk off the front of the tees, just like the pros. Play the round with one adjustable golf club that changes the loft, lie and putter face quick and easy. They make a great present for that someone special.

Special price USD$195.00 and $20.00 shipping 6 to 10 working days

38" Travel shaft RIGHT hand USD$195.00
38" Travel shaft LEFT hand USD$195.00
38" Fixed shaft RIGHT hand USD$195.00
38" Fixed shaft LEFT hand USD$195.00
36" Fixed shaft RIGHT hand USD$195.00
36" Fixed shaft LEFT hand USD$195.00

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